Calabrese Law Expands Services To Include Landlord Tenant Litigation

Calabrese Law Expands Services To Include Landlord Tenant Litigation

Boston, Massachusetts (April 22, 2014) – According to the Association of Trial Lawyers of America, civil litigation comes with an annual cost of $233 billion to the United States economy. Civil litigation involves any case in which one party, the plaintiff, brings a lawsuit against another, the defendant, to obtain monetary compensation for injuries caused by the defendant or equitable relief therefrom. “When one feels he or she has been injured through the actions of another, a civil litigation law firm in Boston is needed, and many choose to turn to Calabrese Law Associates for assistance,” Peter G. Calabrese, a business litigation attorney Boston, states.

The housing market continues to struggle in many ways, and landlord tenant litigation arising from landlord tenant disputes continues to be widespread. Whether one finds they need an attorney who can assist with sublease disputes or one experienced in summary proceedings for possession, Calabrese Law Associates and its team of industry-leading lawyers are well positioned to effectively handle the matter.

The plain truth is that rental property is a vital component of everyday life for both landlords and tenants, and for these individuals rental property is their source of income or their home, both of which are very important interests.

Unfortunately, disputes do arise when issues of importance are involved, and the lawyers at Calabrese Law Associates understand this truth, and, for that reason, seek to resolve these matter for their clients quickly and effectively. As Calabrese points out, arbitration is best in some cases, while others need mediation or traditional litigation, and the lawyers at Calabrese Law Associates have a record of successfully handling many landlord tenants disputes in both the commercial leasing and residential housing context.

Premises liability remains another area where lawsuits are on the rise. The Association of Trial Lawyers of America states there are, on average, 512,000 Federal court tort cases every year, with a tort case being one where the actions or inaction of a person or business lead to another person suffering a loss or harm. “No one should be forced to pay for an injury or loss brought on by another party, and the attorneys at Calabrese Law Associates understand this. They fight to ensure the party responsible is held accountable and the harmed party receives fair compensation, as anything less shouldn’t be tolerated,” Calabrese, a Boston civil litigation lawyer, continues.

Calabrese Law Associates is a Boston-based litigation firm that handles legal matters involving business litigation, civil litigation, real estate litigation, construction litigation, contract litigation, administrative law litigation and related areas of practice throughout Massachusetts and New York. Calabrese, the firm’s founder, proclaims, “Calabrese Law Associates strives to provide every client with industry-leading legal counsel for a reasonable price. The firm offers free legal consultations to new clients so they may speak with a lawyer at no cost, explain their situation and goals, all of which allows Calabrese Law Associates to deliver personalized legal services that achieve the most favorable result possible.”

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