Appellate Litigation

Appellate law is a complex and specialized area of practice, requiring a specialized skill-set to effectively prepare, present, and argue an appeal. The need to appeal orders, decisions, and/or judgments of a lower court only arise when a less-than-favorable results was achieve at the lower court — as a result, your choice of the correct appellate counsel is the most important client decision to be made during the appeal process. The appellate litigation attorneys at Boston’s Calabrese Law Associates are available to provide knowledgeable, effective, and practical counsel that can help you achieve a positive outcome on appeal.

Appellate Litigation

When appealing a court’s decision or interlocutory order, it’s important to have a firm in your corner that has the ability to produce winning results in a cost-effective manner. In Massachusetts, parties have a very limited amount of time to file their notice of appeal. For that reason, an effective appellate lawyer must be capable of working quickly to identify the issues to be appealed and thereafter, present a persuasive and logical argument to the appellate court by applying the law to the record of facts and decisions made by the lower court. For this reason, a nuanced understanding of all relevant statutes, regulations, and case law is critical to success.

At Calabrese Law Associates, our appellate lawyers work closely with every client and their trial counsel to formulate a successful appellate strategy. Our hands-on approach to appellate practice results in a carefully honed argument that is targeted, logical, and applicable to the issues on appeal.

Our lawyers conduct a thoughtful and thorough analysis of the relevant legal issues and provide clients with a realistic assessment of their position, whether as appellants or appellees.

Serving Multiple Industries

The appellate practice at Calabrese Law Associates extends across all areas of our practices and industries, including, complex civil litigation, administrative law and regulatory cases, construction law, real estate law, and condominium litigation as well as landlord-tenant matters. Some of the specific ways in which our legal appeals lawyers can help include:

  • Civil Litigation – The purpose of an appeal is for a party to have an unfavorable decision, judgment, order, and/or finding reviewed by another judge or group of judges (i.e. a panel). Issues that are appealed are usually very specific and often involve procedural questions in addition to the applicable law that is relevant to a clients’ case. Our civil litigation experience, knowledge of the Massachusetts Civil Procedure Rules, unrivaled ability to identify and argue the correct issues on appeal makes Calabrese Law Associates an appellate litigation law firm capable to achieving the results you desire when appealing an unfavorable result in a civil litigation matter.
  • Construction — We analyze the facts and law to support the reversal of a breach of contract or liability claim that was decided against your favor. The appellate litigation attorneys at Boston’s Calabrese Law Associates have represented developers, contractors, project managers and a wide range of other construction industry stakeholders. Contact our office directly to find out what we can do for you.
  • Real estate — A strong background in real estate makes Calabrese Law Associates the ideal law firm to handle your appeal for any matter involving a commercial or residential property, including condominium and trust related matters. Some of the matters we can help resolve include transactional and financing issues, condominium disputes, lending and foreclosure, land use and zoning disputes, and more.
  • Contract law — Our firm handles contract law related matters on a regular basis and in so doing, has garnered valuable knowledge and experience that is necessary to successfully appeal. If you seek to appeal a contract-related dispute Calabrese Law Associates will provide informed counsel every step of the way.

If you need a legal appeals lawyer in Boston, MA for any of the above issues, make Calabrese Law Associates your first call. Our collaborative approach to representation draws on the collective experience and skills of our team to find economical, practical solutions to the most difficult legal issues.

An appeal is your chance to reverse a legal decision that has cost you money or affected your business. Let us help you move forward quickly with aggressive representation that puts your needs first.