Real Estate Litigation

The lawyers at Boston’s Calabrese Law Associates specialize in providing fast, creative solutions to real estate disputes. Though we strongly recommend enlisting our services early on to prevent issues from developing in the first place, we are also able to step in midway and resolve an unexpected dispute that may have brought negotiations to a stalemate.

Any real estate development project involving home, condominium, office building or housing development construction is a major investment. Unfortunately, that investment can be ruined when problems such as delays, material defects or poor workmanship arise. Too often property owners find themselves accepting defects in their project because the prospect of pursuing litigation is too expensive and time-consuming.

We help clients resolve the real estate litigation disputes they face on a daily basis. Litigation can arise at any phase of a real estate development project or real estate transaction — from acquisition to financing, construction, development, leasing, and management. Our litigation attorneys possess the knowledge and experience to advise clients on risks, resolutions that can avoid costly litigation, and, when necessary we aggressively pursue our clients’ interests in both Massachusetts state and federal courts.

Although our practice is regional in scope, we focus on being part of the communities we serve, and on being involved in the local and regional construction and real estate industry. Because of this structure, we are able to offer services that reflect the efficiencies and knowledge of a law firm participating in a variety of markets while providing the personalized services of a smaller firm.

Make our Boston office your first call when disputes or other issues start to threaten the viability of your real estate transaction or development project. We’ll review the details of your case and identify potential opportunities for achieving a resolution through out-of-court negotiations. We understand how important it is that your dispute be resolved quickly. To that end we explore all options, leaving litigation as a last resort for redress in situations where all out-of-court talks have failed to satisfy our clients’ claims.

Cases We Handle

When you need an attorney to resolve a real estate purchase/sale dispute or real estate development problem, contact Calabrese Law Associates. We have successfully represented a broad spectrum of clients, including small to medium size real estate investment companies, condominium associations, condominium unit owners, realty trusts and trustees, real estate developers and investors, architects and global architecture firms.

Calabrese Law Associates offers a wide range of legal services that protect their clients’ interests at the negotiating/planning stages of a project as well as through the actual construction and development stages when disputes can cause delays and significant financial loss.. Moreover, real estate and construction law is complex so retaining experienced legal counsel is necessary to succeed in these industries. Many of the cases we handle involve breach of contract, negligence, and/or fraud committed by general contractors and/or sub-contractors, all of which can prevent the successful completion of your build.

Some of the services we provide to commercial and residential clients include:

  • Real Estate Contract Disputes
  • Construction Contract and Defect Litigation
  • Quantum Meruit Claims – (compensation owed for services rendered)
  • Cooperative and Condominium Association Disputes
  • Mortgage Foreclosure
  • Property Reassessment Litigation
  • Quiet Title Actions
  • Public and Private Nuisance
  • Adverse Possession

No matter the specifics of your case, the sooner you retain the services of a knowledgeable lawyer, the easier it will be to obtain a favorable outcome. Our legal team includes licensed real estate brokers and other construction industry insiders who know how to represent you successfully, whether in court or at the negotiating table. We can perform the research and background investigations necessary to prove cases of contractor negligence and other breaches of contract.

Our team of real estate litigation experts also handles:

  • Breach of contract – Breach of contract disputes are often among the most hotly contested, particularly when they relate to real estate, land development and construction delays or workmanship issues. In order to build a successful case, in-depth research is necessary. Calabrese Law Associates is the partners you need in your corner to build a persuasive case, resolve the dispute, and achieve the goals you seek.
  • Landlord/tenant issues – We represent both landlords and tenants in court. Whatever the specifics of your case, whether it involves a breach of the lease agreement, unsafe property conditions, etc… the real estate dispute lawyers at Calabrese Law Associates will provide expert representation that aggressively pursues your interests to the fullest extent.
  • Foreclosure – Foreclosure is devastating to any property owner. This is especially true in Massachusetts where lenders can invoke the “Statutory Power of Sale” to liquidate your property within a relatively short period of time after a default. To protect your interests during this process, a thorough knowledge of both real estate and foreclosure law is essential.
  • Negligence – Negligence by a general contractor and/or sub-contractor can lead to delays, unsafe conditions, or other issues that expose you to risk and loss at your project. Calabrese Law Associates handles a multitude of cases concerning contractor negligence and is well equipped to pursue your rights in a cost-efficient, effective, and professional manner.

We Stand Up for the Rights of Home and Business Owners

At Calabrese Law Associates, we understand the pre-litigation negotiation process well and strive to achieve quick, meaningful resolutions of our clients’ real estate dispute matters, when possible. While we typically try to resolve these matters through out-of-court negotiations, it is sometimes necessary to escalate the process to litigation when the opposing parties fail to meaningfully engage in negotiations. Our team of skilled trial lawyers will vigorously represent your interest at all stages of litigation, remaining mindful of your ultimate goal(s) and keeping your legal spend to a minimum.

To discuss your case and receive a clear assessment of your options moving forward, contact our office today.