Landlord Tenant Law

Due to the high cost of buying housing and a large student population, Boston is one of the biggest markets nationwide for rental housing. It also has a similar demand for commercial properties — particularly in the city’s downtown area — and it’s no surprise the legal requirements faced by landlords can be complex and challenging to understand.

Calabrese Law Associates has attorneys for Boston landlords who understand state and municipality regulations, and can represent you in any type of landlord tenant dispute.

The Role of a Landlord/Tenant Lawyer

The landlord tenant relationship plays a major role in the lives of many people and their businesses. In recent years, the quantity and demand for commercial and residential rental properties has grown exponentially. During that same period state and local governments have acted by drafting new complex landlord tenant laws.

The landlord tenant attorneys at Calabrese Law Associates are knowledgeable of dispute resolution at every level. Whether the manner of resolution is arbitration, mediation or traditional litigation, they work closely with our real estate litigation attorneys in seeking to avoid litigation. However, when necessary we litigate for landlords, tenants, owners, developers, lenders, as well as investors.

Landlord/Tenant Dispute Resolution

Landlord/tenant disputes can be brought on by many different factors — whether it’s a tenant who has failed to pay rent or caused damage to their rented property, or a landlord who has neglected their responsibilities. Housing is understandably an emotional issue for many people so when disputes do arise, the landlord/tenant relationship tends to devolve into a contentious situation. One important role of a landlord/tenant litigation lawyer is to make sure that, during these moments, the law and the facts prevail.

At Calabrese Law Associates, we have a history of resolving disputes quickly, before they escalate and require costly litigation for both parties. Whether the rented property is your residence, place of business or source of income, it’s the location where it all happens – it is a vital component of your life and to your business’ operation. Trust the landlord tenant attorneys at Calabrese Law Associates to provide you with superior legal representation.

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Based in downtown Boston, our office serves clients throughout Massachusetts and the Greater Boston Area. Our lawyers handle property damage cases, resolve landlord tenant disputes, and provide a range of other services including issues such as:

  • Breach of contract or lease agreement
  • Breach of covenant and warranties
  • Cancellation or renewal of lease or lease options
  • Sublease disputes
  • Collection of rent arrearages
  • Landlord and tenant rights
  • Habitability disputes
  • Evictions and summary proceedings for possession

All services are available for commercial and residential landlord tenant disputes.

To discuss the specifics of your case with one of our landlord/tenant lawyers, call today and schedule a consultation.

The Attorneys at Calabrese Law Associates are Some of the Best Lawyers I Have Ever Worked With
5 / 5
| Jan 22, 2018
I've worked as a constable for 10 years and for Calabrese Law Associates for 5 of those years. The attorneys at Calabrese Law Associates are some of the best lawyers I have ever worked with. They are honest, hardworking and care about their clients. No attorney can change the facts of your case. But these guys will fight for you every step of the way. Do not hesitate to hire them.
Calabrese Law Associates
Very methodological and professional. Highly recommend!
5 / 5
| Oct 19, 2017
Peter Calabrese handled a case against the mishandling of the security deposit by my landlord. Very analytical he walked me through the legal options, and laid out the methods, time and money needed to follow through with each option and which possible outcomes each one may have. Very methodological and professional. Highly recommend!
Calabrese Law Associates
Extremely Informative and Knowledgeable
5 / 5
| Oct 14, 2016
I worked briefly with Calabrase LAW Associates and they were nothing but helpful. I was dealing with a tenant - landlord issue and I spoke with Peter. He was extremely informative and knowledgeable. The issue was successfully taken care of and I would highly recommend this firm.
Calabrese Law Associates
An outstanding professional
5 / 5
| Jan 18, 2016
Peter and his associates were always professional, supportive and educational in my case. I had a difficult tenant landlord matter, which was very uncomfortable for me. Peter always made me feel at ease in sharing my thoughts and concerns. Peter always gave support and insight on every situation we have had to deal with. He is a very calm individual no matter how difficult the matter seemed to me.. Peter truly cares about his clients and this was evident to me in regards to my ligation. He fought hard for me, which has produced a justified settlement so far in my case. I highly recommend Peter Calabrese and his firm. I will continue to turn to him for all my legal needs now and in the future.
Calabrese Law Associates
Massachusetts Landlord Tenant Litigation Client
Jones Yu - Boston Landlord Tenant Litigation Client
5 / 5
| Aug 21, 2015
We encountered a landlord-tenant issue and felt helpless this year. It was a scary experience, especially we were a first time tenant and so nervous to be ripped of. Although we tried to call out to many lawyers, none of them are easy to reach out. However, when I contacted Calabrese Law Associates, they listened to us, analyzed the case patiently and calm our nerves. They handled the case well and the issue was resolved at the end. Their service is professional and we really appreciate their help.
Calabrese Law Associates
Megan – Suffolk County Massachusetts Landlord Tenant Litigation Client
Megan - Boston Landlord Tenant Litigation Client
5 / 5
| Apr 08, 2015
I sought out Peter Calabrese as a second opinion on a settlement with my landlord during a lease breaking dispute on an apartment I was renting. Peter immediately steered me in a different, and better, direction. Not only did I end up NOT having to pay a settlement, Peter actually helped me get my security deposit back. A great experience overall!
Calabrese Law Associates
Suffolk County Massachusetts Landlord Tenant Litigation Client
Boston Landlord Tenant Litigation Client
5 / 5
| Sep 11, 2014
As a landlord, I was suited by my tenants for providing an uninhabitable apartment and lost their personal properties - the allegation I firmly denied. I felt that the tenants tried to obtain money from me through the court and they might have been assisted by someone who knew the system. Therefore, I had to first consult attorneys for the legal advice with the price and service in mind. Through the Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) of the Boston Bar Association, I was recommended to contact a couple of attorneys, including Mr. Peter G. Calabrese. After I talked with Mr. Calabrese over the phone, I decided to ask him representing me for the trial. Throughout the trial, he guided me gathering the needed witnesses and proofs. His knowledge, professionalism and always thinking for his client impressed me very much. Based on the solid evidence and professional presentation by Mr. Calabrese, the court ruled in favor of me, the defendant. I am very glad that I hired Mr. Calabrese as my lawyer for the trial, not only for the reasonable price but importantly for the excellent services that he is able to provide. I highly recommend him for others. Thanks!
Calabrese Law Associates
Xavier – Suffolk County Massachusetts Landlord Tenant Litigation Client
Xavier - Boston Landlord Tenant Litigation Client
5 / 5
| May 01, 2014
We retained Peter G Calabrese to represent us in a landlord/tenant dispute. Counselor Calabrese met with us shortly after we made our initial inquiry and was completely prepared to the meeting. He had reviewed the relevant MA statutes and regulations and gave us options on how to proceed. After an initial consultation, we engaged his firm and he took it from there. We are very pleased with the professional manner in which this matter was handled and would certainly utilize his firm in the future should we need legal services. We highly recommend this attorney.
Calabrese Law Associates