Limited Liability Company (LLC) Operating Agreements

Limited Liability Company (LLC) operating agreements define a business’s operating terms and outline the rights, duties, and responsibilities of the business owners as well as how disputes will be handled. Multi-member limited liability companies often utilize an operating agreement to organize the company’s management policies, procedures., member voting rights, and distributions.

No matter what kind of business you run, an LLC business operating agreement will render the business more efficient and help diminish confusion among the business owners. Whether a client is starting a new business or expanding a existing, it is critical to consult with a qualified business attorney. The experienced business lawyers at Calabrese Law Associates help small and large businesses in Boston and throughout Massachusetts with:

  • Drafting contracts
  • Resolving contract disputes
  • Updating agreements as their business changes
  • Explaining agreements that clients receive during the course of their business dealings
  • Advising clients on the types of contracts and agreements needed to properly operating their business
  • Advise clients of changes in the law or regulations that may affect their business operations

Our limited liability company business attorneys in Boston protect clients’ interest by ensuring that they have a proper operating agreement in place that helps facilitate their business’ efficiency and avoid disputes among the LLC owners/members.

When Would I Need a Business Contract Attorney in Boston?

Business operating agreements prepared by our firm provide business clients with a competitive edge:

  • Buy-sell provisions. If you are a co-owner, it is vital that your business operating agreement address the issue of buying and selling interests in the business. Such a provisions protects the interests of all business owners in the event that an owner walks away, seeks to sell their business interest or passes away.
  • Mergers and acquisitions. If your business is being bought or buying another company, you need to ensure the business merger proceeds smoothly. To facilitate a smooth and cost efficient transition, Calabrese Law Associates prepares LLC operating agreements that include provisions for mergers and acquisitions, which meet all state and federal guidelines.
  • Contracts with clients, suppliers and service providers. Our firm’s LLC operating agreements include provisions that outline “how” the business will operate. Critical to a business’s operation and success is how the business interacts with its clients and conducts business. A properly drafted operating agreement provides the business owners with concise management policies and procedures.

If you’re looking for a business contract attorney in Boston, contact Calabrese Law Associates. We have worked with some of the most successful businesses in the Boston area, and we’re proud to serve clients across the region. Our clients’ business objectives are the firm’s primary focus. To that end, Calabrese Law Associates provides its business clients with the industry-leading legal representation necessary to achieve their business goals in a timely and cost-effective manner.