Real Estate Transactions and Closings

Boston Real Estate Attorneys, Calabrese Law Associates is a valued partner to the city’s developers, managers, property owners and other real estate industry players. When it comes to closing an important deal, experience and expertise can mean the difference between protecting your interests for the long term and potentially exposing you and your business to unnecessary risk.

Our commercial real estate closing lawyers can assist with all aspects of the process, including contract review and negotiating, troubleshooting title and lien issues, and more. In every respect we strive to offer our clients informed, proactive legal advice for a reasonable fee.

Why Calabrese Law Associates?

Successfully closing on a real estate transaction requires considerable preparation to ensure all loose ends are tied and that no last-minute issues delay matters. The commercial property closing attorneys at Calabrese Law Associates excel at performing research and preparing the documentation you need to close even when time is of the essence. This is only possible because our lawyers take the time to understand your objectives and how the relevant law applies to your given situation.

Comprehensive commercial real estate closing experience from both sides of the table gives our real estate attorneys a clear perspective on the opportunities and risks involved in any given sale or purchase. This industry experience allows our firm to consistently produce excellent work in an efficient, practical and skilled manner. At all times, we remain mindful of the client’s end goal and do not let unnecessary details delay the process. The commercial real estate lawyers at Boston’s Calabrese Law Associates focus on the relevant issues so that our clients close quickly and successfully.

Our Services

Advising clients through commercial and residential real estate transactions is a core pillar of our practice. During any real estate transaction multiple issues can arise, each of which demands a thorough understanding of Massachusetts real property law to avoid the pitfalls and to emerge successful. Some of the specific issues our commercial real estate lawyers handle include:

  • negotiating and drafting contracts
  • reviewing contracts
  • closings
  • resolving issues
  • mortgage and real estate finance/refinance
  • title examinations
  • short sales
  • lien searches

Attention Property Owners:

Refinancing your current mortgage may significantly reduce the amount of your monthly mortgage payment. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation.

All services are available for commercial and residential properties. We advise clients on all real estate issues, both in the city proper and in Cambridge, Charleston and throughout Suffolk County. To discuss your specific case with an experienced real estate lawyer, contact Calabrese Law Associates’ Boston office today.