Offers to Purchase Real Estate

Many people seek out a realtor when they start search to purchase a new house. Realtors can prove invaluable in finding the right new home, but in addition to coordinating with a realtor, you should also have a real estate attorney who will look out for your best interests throughout the entire real estate purchase process.

In Massachusetts, realtors cannot give legal advice nor can they draft contracts. Realtors can only fill in blank standardized forms produced by various realtor groups such as Greater Boston Real Estate Board (GBREB).

That means if you have any legal questions about your home purchase or if you need an offer to purchase real estate prepared, you will need to contact a real estate attorney. Speaking with the experienced real estate closing lawyers at Calabrese Law Associates can help clear up questions and confusion you may have about your legal obligations in a sale, how to file an addendum to documents you’ve already filled out, etc… At Calabrese Law Associates, our real estate lawyers can put your mind at ease throughout the entire real estate purchase process which starts with the “offer to purchase real estate.”

Stay Involved and Informed About the Process

Whether you have bought three homes before or you are a first time homebuyer, there are nuances to every home-buying situation that require individual attention. Simply because one transaction successfully closed without much effort or attention to detail does not mean your next home purchase will proceed smoothly. It’s vital to have the experienced real estate lawyers at Calabrese Law Associates representing your interests in order to ensure that your legal rights and interests are well protected.

The real estate attorneys at Calabrese Law Associates in Boston can help you:

  • Handle all existing legal issues on the property, such as liens, evicting problem tenants, and seeking to resolve any ongoing boundary line disputes, etc.
  • Negotiate a deal that’s more favorable to you, such as allowing the sellers to rent the property until they locate a new house, receiving adequate seller concessions to cover necessary repair costs, etc.
  • Review your loan/mortgage agreement terms and to address any questions you may have regarding the terms of the promissory note, mortgage, and other documents concerning the financing.

Work With an Attorney in Boston to Get the Best Contract

The firm’s attorneys can also ensure that the terms of your real estate purchase agreement are in your best interests. A good realtor will understand your desire to work with a real estate lawyer during all stages of your real estate purchase. In fact, realtors usually encourage buyers to get hire legal counsel to review their offers to purchase. Realtors know their reputation depends on you getting the house you want on the terms you desire.

Contact Us to Discuss Offers to Purchase Real Estate in Massachusetts

No matter where you are in the home buying or selling process, a real estate attorney at Calabrese Law Associates can help you with the process. Contact Calabrese Law Associates to discuss your options today.