Real Estate Contract Law

The decisions you make when negotiating a real estate contract can have long-lasting consequences, both to your financial future and to the success of your project. For this reason, it is important to have any contract reviewed by an experienced lawyer who knows the law and can ensure your bases are covered.

Calabrese Law Associates represents a wide range of clients in major real estate transactions — from developers and contractors to architects, managers and engineers. In fact, any party whose name appears on a binding contract should ensure their interests are protected at the negotiating table by speaking with a contract preparation lawyer before signing anything.

A Contract Preparation Attorney’s Role

We realize that litigation is time-consuming, expensive, and it gets in the way of business as usual. One of the key goals of a contract preparation law firm is to provide a preventative approach in these matters – step one being to prepare a contract that effectively protects our clients’ interests.

Our contract preparation attorneys possess the industry knowledge necessary to first, identify potential issues that may arising during a particular project or transaction and second, to prepare a contract that is tailored to our clients’ particular circumstance to ensure the client is protected at all times. The contract lawyers at Boston’s Calabrese Law Associates find creative solutions for clients by tapping their industry knowledge and experience to skillfully negotiate favorable contract terms for our construction and real estate clients.

Contract Dispute Resolution

Given the number of variables that go into any real estate project, no amount of advance planning can account for all the possibilities. When the terms of a contract are called into dispute — whether it’s due to project delays, material failure or poor workmanship — it may be necessary to enter into dispute resolution negotiations or take other legal measures.

When this happens, you can rely on the contract dispute attorneys at Boston’s Calabrese Law Associates to do the research and background investigations necessary to support your claim, and to argue effectively on your behalf.

Billing Solutions That Work for Your Business

We understand the value of predictable legal billing and necessity for fee structures that suit our clients’ business and personal needs. For that reason, the contract dispute attorneys at Calabrese Law Associates offers clients a variety to fee structures for document preparation and negotiation, including flat fee arrangements.

To find out more about how the contract lawyers at Calabrese Law Associates can help you both before and after signing any legally binding document, call our Boston office to schedule a consultation today.