Administrative Law

When you need a lawyer to challenge a government agency decision in Boston, MA, Calabrese Law Associates can help. We have a wide range of experience with real estate and construction law, and we can provide representation based on sound legal principles and practical advice. Our legal team understands the importance of moving quickly to resolve these issues, keeping your project on track and profitable.

Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice

Government regulation at all levels has a profound impact on property owners, land developers, construction projects and business operations. Regulatory and enforcement actions by agencies such as local housing authorities, planning boards, the EPA, IRS, the CFPB, and countless other local, state, and federal agencies can impose substantial costs, prevent business opportunities, and on occasion bar construction or land development projects entirely.

The legal constraints on government action do not rely solely on the particular agency in question, but also on general principles of administrative law, such as what constitutes an overbroad delegation of power to an agency; was the agency action “arbitrary and capricious”; is notice and a hearing (due process) required; is judicial review available; does the appealing party have standing; is the matter ripe and if so, how will the application of “Chevron” deference likely effect the outcome on appeal.

Given these considerations, it takes a highly skilled attorney to challenge a government administration in Massachusetts. The lawyers at Calabrese Law Associates thoroughly understand the legal principles governing both state and federal administrative agencies. This is critical to a successful challenge to an adverse agency decision or the successful defense of a favorable agency decision.

Challenging a Government Agency Decision

The Calabrese Law Associates Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice is comprised of lawyers who regularly represent real estate and construction industry clients in both litigation and transactional situations. In addition to possessing the knowledge, as described above, a number of our lawyers have worked closely with state legislators in Massachusetts as legislative aids and staff members. This familiarity with the legislative process and the scope of administrative authority, together with our litigation department expertise, is often decisive.

The first step in challenging a government agency decision is to meet with a Calabrese Law Associates lawyer and discuss your options. With a focus on achieving real-world solutions that help you meet your goals, we’ll give you an honest assessment of your options for moving forward. Every step of the way, our attorneys will work to achieve a fast resolution to your case.

Remaining accessible at all times and maintaining excellent communication with our clients is also one of our top priorities. By keeping our clients up-to-date on their matters, we help them make well-informed decisions that assist us achieve the results their seek. To learn more about how Calabrese Law Associates’ lawyers can help you challenge a government agency decision, contact our Boston office directly to schedule your consultation.