Zoning Compliance

Calabrese Law Associates represents individual property owners and developers who are being adversely affected by zoning ordinances. We provide counsel to clients seeking preliminary determinations on permitted land uses and relevant zoning limitations. When regulatory obstacles arise often litigation is necessary to challenge a zoning ordinance itself or a specific decision made by a municipal board or official.

Zoning law is a complex matter. The typical services our attorneys provide include:

  • Identifying the necessary permits and exemptions required to see a project through to completion
  • Representing clients before municipal planning boards and boards of appeal
  • Navigating the review and evaluation process required by the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) and related legislation
  • Resolving zoning violations
  • Utilizing the protections provided by the “prior nonconforming use” law, shielding clients from costly renovations
  • Obtaining approval for the redevelopment of historical buildings
  • Assisting with any other issues related to commercial or residential zoning laws

To successfully represent this gamut of clients – with land uses ranging from multi-family and mixed-use projects, residential to retail, office and commercial development, we first identify prospective challenges, and then navigate through the intricate regulatory environment to achieve our clients’ objectives and are well prepared to litigate the matter, if necessary.

Our Massachusetts Zoning Practice

In addition to traditional municipal ordinance issue, our land zoning attorneys also provide regulatory approval counsel for historic preservation, licensing, exaction and easements, zoning, subdivision, environmental evaluation, floodplain, wetland and shoreland protection regulations and permitting matters.

Our zoning and municipal ordinance practice seamlessly collaborates with our transactional real estate department while advising prospective buyers on land use and regulatory consequences. By leveraging the collective experience and expertise of our legal team, we develop creative solutions to complex zoning issues that will help you see a resolution to your case faster.

Many of our team members also have a professional background in the real estate industry. Not only do we understand your business, but we also intimately know the regulatory landscape in Boston and throughout Massachusetts. Our team is creative and connected, and it’s these qualities that allow Calabrese Law Associates to provide industry-leading legal counsel to all clients.

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The land zoning attorneys at Boston’s Calabrese Law Associates are a valued partner at all stages of your project’s life cycle. When municipal ordinance issues threaten your project deadlines, we thoroughly evaluate the situation and then act swiftly to keep the project timeline on schedule.

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