Site Inspections and Permitting

When you work in construction, you must comply with site inspection and permit laws established by Massachusetts and your local municipality to maintain a safe and legal work environment. Massachusetts has adopted the International Building Code and have supplement those rules with the State Building Code – these laws help enforce that buildings are properly built and are safe. Likewise Municipality regulations such as a zoning code also ensure that new construction projects fit the neighbors where such building is taking place. In sum, state wide and local construction laws protect the interests of residents, as well as ensure the well being of those who will residence in or use the services in the new projects once they are completed.

It is not unusual for legal disputes to arise over permitting and inspection issues. Many community groups have a part in the building permit process, in addition to the city and/or town where the proposed project is to take place. For example, for Boston-based projects all building permit applications must be submitted to the Boston Inspectional Services Department. From there, if any violations are flag, projects in Beacon Hill, for example, must coordinate with the Boston Mayor’s office to keep the project moving, participate in local civic association meeting, and hold abutter meetings, amongst other things. This multiple faceted process is ripe for disputes and delays. Hiring the experienced construction permitting attorneys at Boston’s Calabrese Law Associates can help you avoid these pitfalls and get your project approved.

You will find the construction lawyers at Calabrese Law Associates are experts on advising clients on how to proceed with their construction legal matter, offering focused legal representation to assist clients in anything related to zoning or permits. The firm’s skilled construction trial attorneys also have experience helping clients find the best possible result when court intervention is necessary to have their project approved.

Why Hire a Construction Site Inspection and Permit Lawyer?

Zoning and permitting matters are complicated. Many potential areas for dispute exist. The firm can advise clients on matters relating to:

  • How public hearings and amendments can impact permits;
  • Vested rights and how you can exercise such rights;
  • When a zoning board or superintendent can modify a permit;
  • What conditions can be put on a building permit to ensure it’s used within the limits of the law;

When Calabrese Law Associates advises clients on building permit and site inspection zoning matters, we give advice you can trust given our years of real estate and construction law experience.