Property Development and Land Use

The Massachusetts property development lawyers at Calabrese Law Associates recognize that the real estate environment is becoming progressively more complex and regulated. To be successful, project managers must handle a myriad of issues and processes that affect the planning, financing, construction and operation of any project. Such issues include construction and project design contracts; zoning; leasing; subdivision and land use approvals; environmental assessment and regulatory compliance.

We are a Boston-based law firm for property developers, project managers and other associated real estate industry clients. We employ a focused, professional approach to all land use law matters that works towards getting you results quickly. We understand how costly legal delays can eat into your profits, which is why we strive to provide effective results at a reasonable price for every client.

Our land use attorneys provide representation to clients in Boston, the Greater Boston Area, and throughout Massachusetts. Contact our office today to schedule a meeting with one of our attorneys.

How We Can Help You

Our development and land use lawyers utilize their professional skills and practical judgment to assist clients in structuring and negotiating property acquisitions; obtaining zoning planning, subdivision, environmental and other land use approvals; drafting and negotiating construction and architectural design contracts; leasing residential and commercial properties; and the ultimate sale of completed projects.

Our first priority is resolving the issues our clients face. Every case is unique but generally speaking, out-of-court resolutions are usually more cost-effective and less time consuming than seeking relief through litigation. However, when litigation becomes necessary, our firm is ready to aggressively represent its client in state or federal court.

Who We Serve

The property development lawyers at Calabrese Law Associates serve a diverse mix of clients involved in commercial real estate. Whether you own a retail space, a multi-unit rental property, or office building, we leverage our legal expertise and industry knowledge to find solutions that achieve your goals and protect your interests. Our attorneys come from a commercial real estate background and understand the priorities and objectives of your business.

Knowledgeable, trustworthy, and dedicated — it’s these qualities that allow Calabrese Law Associates to provide its clients with industry-leading legal representation.

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