Subcontractor Litigation

Litigation Involving a Subcontractor

Subcontractors are contractors hired on construction jobs to perform specialized tasks such as hardwood floors, tiles, plumbing, and electrical work. Subcontractors are hired by the general contractor in charge of the construction project, not the property owner. Whereas, the general contractor is the one who has a contract with the property owner. Although property owners do not have a “contract” with the subcontractor, the subcontractor still owes the property owner a duty to perform the work properly.

Oftentimes, subcontractor problems involve issues with how work is carried out or what the subcontractor’s scope of work is at the construction site. When those issues arise, it is best to contact the construction attorneys as Calabrese Law Associates who are experienced in successfully handling subcontractor litigation matters in Boston and throughout Massachusetts. The firm’s construction lawyers are well-versed on Massachusetts laws concerning construction and can help you navigate through any legal concerns that arise.

Calabrese Law Associates has extensive experience representing both property owners and subcontractors in construction dispute matters.

Subcontractor Construction Disputes: Know Your Rights under Massachusetts Law

Legal issues involving subcontractors can take many forms. You may run into problems with:

  • Undocumented change orders: All parties should ensure that changes to the original agreement can only be made in writing because a verbal agreement are difficult to prove and create confusion.
  • Communication problems: With the general contractor acting as the go-between for the owner and subcontractor, sometimes it is difficult for the parties to confirm a decision or course of action. This is precisely why its important for the property owner and general contractor to effectively communicate about the project.
  • Scope of work: Even with a contract in place, parties may disagree on what the subcontractor is responsible for or when that work is supposed to be completed.
  • Quality of workmanship: Generally, the general contractor, not the property owner, decides which subcontractors will be used at the construction project. It is common for the property owner to have never seen the subcontractor’s prior work product. As a result, property owners are often unhappy with the subcontractor’s workmanship and rightfully so if such work is shoddy, incomplete, or otherwise unacceptable.

At Calabrese Law Associate, our experienced construction lawyers take the time to thoroughly examine their client’s case and to advise their client of options for proceeding and what to expect as the case progresses. If you are involved in litigation matter with a Massachusetts constructor you may contactor Calabrese Law Associates Contact Calabrese Law Associates today to discuss your case.