General Contractor Litigation

Litigation Involving a General Contractor

The general contractor is the person or entity that manages, coordinates, and oversees a construction project. General contractors are responsible for getting the job done properly and on time, and they often delegate different phases of projects to subcontractors, who report to them.

The advantage of hiring a general contractor is they can provide a “big picture” perspective that you cannot receive from someone who specializes in one area, such as plumber or electrician. A general contractor also can save you time by acting as your onsite construction project manager.

While a general contractor should keep a construction project on track, sometimes problems arise. When this happens, you need to consult with the Boston area construction litigation attorneys at Calabrese Law Associates to step in and help you address the problem. Disputes with a general contractor often arise out of the following issues:

  • Payment: Disagreement on the payment schedule, the amount of payment due, hidden or surprise costs.
  • Scheduling: Delays in the project progression and missed deadlines.
  • Work Quality: Problems with the construction work because it was done in a shoddy or unworkmanlike manner.
  • Supplies: Concerns about the quality of materials used.

When this happens, whether you are the general contractor or the property owner, you need the construction attorneys at Calabrese Law Associates to step in and help you figure out how to address the matter.

Massachusetts Attorneys Who Focus on Construction Litigation Involving General Contractors.

Calabrese Law Associates can assist you with your construction litigation case as well as pre-litigation negotiations and strategy.  The firm has represented many clients in construction law cases and our experience in this area of Massachusetts law provides our clients with the edge they need to succeed.

Our firm’s construction lawyers have represented clients in contractor dispute matters involving:

  1. Negligence – these types of cases often involving a contractor’s failure to properly perform the agreed upon work or oversee their subcontractors.
  2. Breach of Contract – this type of claim arises when a party to a construction contract fails to honor its terms (for example, making payment, deadlines of the project, applying for and receiving the necessary building permits, etc…).
  3. Fraud or Misrepresentation – these types of claim will arise if a contractor represents to a homeowner that they will be using top quality materials at the project, as a result the homeowner pays the contractor monies for those expensive top quality materials, but the contractor then uses low quality and cheaper materials in an effort to make extra profits.
  4. Unfair or Deceptive Business Practices (M.G.L. c. 93A) – in the construction context an unfair or deceptive business act claim can arise because of fraud, misrepresentation, negligence, or the contractor’s failure to follow Massachusetts residential construction laws.

Resolving such matters in court can tie up your valuable time. That is why we explore out-of-court solutions first and litigate only when we have exhausted all out of court options. We have honed top-notch negotiation skills and keep our client’s well-informed throughout the entire process.