Business Dissolution Law

Sometimes businesses fail. Whether it’s due to low sales, a family situation, a change in the market, or something else beyond the business owner’s control. In these situations businesses must be dissolved or sold. Calabrese Law Associates help businesses in Boston and throughout Massachusetts wind-down their operations and dissolve in an efficient and cost-saving manner. The firm is also well positioned to negotiate the sale of businesses on its clients’ behalf and to prepare all necessary paperwork to facilitate such a sale.

The firm’s business lawyers have experience guiding clients through the steps they must take to properly shut down their business operations. If you decide that your business must be sold or dissolved, our firm can advise and facilitate the sale of your business. Calabrese Law Associates not only advises Massachusetts business owners through the business dissolution process but also advise business owners through the process of correctly starting new Massachusetts-based businesses. Our firm provides business persons with confidence and the unsurpassed value of having an ally through the complex and stressful business dissolution and sale process.

How Business Dissolution Works

Dissolving a business is more than simply hanging a “closed” sign in your storefront. In fact, there are steps that must be taken when dissolving, which involve notice to governmental entities, creditors, clients, banking institutions, and business partners.

When dissolving a business, you may be required to:

  • File tax forms at the local, state, and federal levels
  • File a certificate of dissolution
  • Receive written approval from shareholders or board members
  • Notify and settle with creditors
  • Divide the remaining business assets among the interested parties

Other legal issues may arise that require an experienced business lawyer’s counsel and advise, such as creditors rejecting your claims or overseeing stock distributions.

When a business lawyer is needed to facilitate the sale of a business.

If you plan to sell your business, rather than closing the business, you also face a host of legal issues that will necessitate great attention to detail. It’s smart to have the business lawyers at Calabrese Law Associate advising you on how to set up the sale, what documentation is needed to facilitate the sale, and what the legal risks of your decision might be. Our firm takes the time to make sure that its clients understand the entire business dissolution and/or sale process

Steps you may need to take prior to the business sale or dissolution include:

  • Securing a business valuation
  • Creating a list of what will and will not be sold with the business, such as equipment
  • Checking on potential buyers’ financial solvency and business history
  • Ensuring the buyer has the right financing to close the deal
  • Preparing bills of sale and/or assignment of lease documents

The firm’s business lawyers help simplify the complicated process of selling and dissolving Massachusetts businesses so that its business clients can make the most informed decision possible.

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